Irrigation Technology

Staying Within The Water Budget Water is perhaps the most crucial element for keeping landscape healthy. Our goal is to apply the correct amount of water needed for the landscape to stay healthy and attractive, while keeping cost to a minimum.

Weather Affects The Water Budget: When the weather is hot or windy, landscaping requires more water to survive.  In those conditions, the water usage and its cost increase. Lack of additional irrigation water at this time produces a stressed landscape (brown spots, plant death, etc.). 

When it's cool or rainy, costs decrease because the landscape requires less water from the irrigation system. Using more water than plants need is a waste of water and a waste of  bugeted money. It can also lead to unhealthy plants and contribute to pollution-causing urban runoff.

Technology: Using high-tech irrigation smart controls, our talented irrigation technicians are able to measure the ET during any given time period. Evapotranspiration (ET) is the combined processes of evaporation of water from the soil and plant surfaces and transpiration of water through the plant tissues. Data provided by satellite communications enables the smart controller to make water saving program changes throughout the day. These changes are closely followed and fine tuned by out irrigation specialists.

Here Are A Few Recommended Irrigation Smart Controls

The RainMaster Eagle
The RME Eagle combines evapotranspiration (ET) technology with its already intelligent design providing a variety of ET-based scheduling features that will reduce water usage, save time and money, and optimize the efficiency of water resource allocation for any irrigation application. Additionally, an optional communication card provides central control capabilities via The Internet!

The "RME Eagle" can measure flow and take corrective action for station breaks, main line failures, or unscheduled flow. It supports either normally open or normally closed master valve operation, pump operations independent of the master valve, cycle and soak or conventional programming, and a flow totalizer to monitor total water used.  
*This company provides fantastic customer service.

WTPRO3-C-30-CWM WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 Irrigation Controller

This hard working product provides high value for the light commercial or high end residential customers, including commercial offices, business parks, city medians, hotels, and retail sites.

With WeatherTRAK.net and WeatherTRAK Mobile, it gives landscape professionals the tools they need to cost-effectively manage geographically dispersed properties.